Karkinos Rucan (カルキヌス・ルーカン Karukinusu Rūkan) is a Nodos who has a contract with the Silver Tribe.[[Labors|
Karkinos Rucan

Creation Edit

His name is based on Karkinos, a crab that tried to help a hydra defeat Heracles. Accordingly, Karkinos' Heroic Tribe form can transform into a type of hydra when on solid ground.

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Karkinos is a calm thinker and not easily provoked. His purple Heroic Tribe form, "Lernaea", employs some sort of corrosive gas, or similar material, as a means of attack. It is implied that this power can destroy entire solar systems. Apparently, he is capable of resurrection. Lernaea's main ability is thought to be Life, then revealed to be Restoration.

Karkinos' contract with the Silver Tribe contains 4 Labors.

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