the bronze tribe


The Bronze Tribe Close Up

An insectoid species, the Bronze Tribe is seen by other tribes in the galaxy as the Silver Tribe's enforcement arm. Very numerous, the Bronze Tribe uses


the hollowed-out asteroids that the bronze tribe use as starships

hollowed-out asteroids as starships utilizing the same Starway and Warp technology of the Silver and Iron Tribes. The Bronze Tribe's powers differ from other tribes; they seem to have limited telepathic powers, but none show the spiritual projections of the Silver and Iron Tribes.

Bronze Tribe individuals create personal force shields and project beams of energy at a target from those shields. Bronze Tribe insect bodies can survive the vacuum of space and the heat of atmospheric entry, but are still vulnerable to normal damage. At close range, acid spits from their fanged mouths. While a subset of the tribe have teleportation powers, rather than the instantaneous dematerialization/re-materialization of Iolaous and Lekty, the insects instead create gates or wormhole portals between interplanetary locations.

When the Iron Tribe combined fleet attacked Taros, the Bronze Tribe's home planet, the gates were large enough for entire asteroid ships to pass through. The Bronze Tribe has not shown a single Queen in its reproductive cycle, nor a pupa stage; the young hatch from egg sacs and mature to adult size afterward. A humanoid-shaped "controller" can be found at the heart of each asteroid ship. It is not known how the Silver Tribe convinced the Bronze Tribe to serve them so unswervingly, nor what the Bronze Tribe receives from its relationship with the Silver Tribe.

During the war, they served primarily as the Silver Tribe's army, serving as attack forces when they needed it. The Bronze Tribe harassed the Argonaut repeatedly, though each time, Age defeated them. Eventually, the Iron Tribe attacks the Bronze Tribe's homeworld, realizing that the Silver Tribe abandoned the Bronze Tribe. The Iron Tribe quickly takes the upper-hand, but in a short while, Age realizes what they are committing is nothing short of a genocide. Realizing this as well, Dhianeila calls off the attack.