The Argonaut is Princess dhianeila's Flagship and it's an Argonaut-class ship in which the ship carries the princess and food rations on board the ship. On it's maiden voyage the Argonaut mission was to search for a ship lost 60 cycles ago and with that ship comes Humanity's saviour.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Little is mentioned about the ship's power source other then reactors which are mentioned. Like most ships created by the iron race (humanity) its power source is limited and is therefore carefully monitored and conserved. while it does need to be resuplied regularly it features various facilities such as:

- a Large garden in which food is grown such as tomatoes.

- a movable command deck.

-a sick bay

-stasis pods

The command deck is a floating structure in the middle of a large atrium like space. Around this atrium seems to be the main living area. When going into combat the 4 command decks are elevated above the atrium , which is then closed off by 2 large doors.

Most of the Ships systems seem to be monitored by its AI known as B-NAVI. B-NAVI is mostly shown doing communication tasks and navigational work. it also answers to the captain of the Argonaut, Mobbead, with Master.

The ship is also equipped with astral sails and dimension rippers which enable it to go into active warp.

The Argonaut has been known to carry at least 50 mechs known as organs piloted by knights. (more to come).

the most unusual feature of the ship is various ESP enabled technologies. The ship can receive targeting data, commands and navigational information via a psycho-line. This information is provided by Dianeara and is analysed by B-Navi. Tael and Mael psychic shields of force fields seem to be amplified by their mech as is Iolaus teleportation ability.


the Argonaut is a well built battleship. its weapons include:

- a large amount of autonomous spherical beam cannons.

- various bow cannons which fire red beams

- a main cannon which is essentially the entire ship. It is activated by opening the entire Argonaut and is fed by its reactors. To fire it B-Navi transforms into a pistol like form with a trigger, after the captain releases it.

For defensive purposes the Argonaut also has shields , tho they do not seem to be on par with the Hedron Shields used by the silver race.


Known CrewEdit

-Captain: Mobeedo Oz Mehelim

- Main authority: Princess Dhianeila Y Leisha Altoria Ol Yunos of the Yunos royal family

- commander of the Yunos Knights Iolaus Oz Mehelim

- probable head medic and attendant to the princess: Aneasia Ol Megarla

- Nodos: Age hosting Bellcross

- Nodos: Mehitak hosting Artemia (after being defeated by Bellcross)

- Mail & Tail,combatons, official rank unkown

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